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All Prasco items aren’t genuine parts, but they are perfectly adaptable to the car models they refer to.


PRASCOGROUP is currently composed of 12 members around Europe:



With its 54.000-square-meter warehouse and the 8.000-square-meter TYG EUROPE production plant, the headquarter of the Prasco Group in Leinì, close to the Turin airport, is the heart of the group.
The range it offers consists of above 29.000 items, what meets the ever more complex needs of the European market.


The company Paoloni Limited from Bologna, with its 5.000-square-meter warehouse and 1.000-square-meter offices, has been on the market since 1966 and boasts a widespread distribution within its region.
Its acquisition in 2012 has been an important step in the growth of the PRASCOGROUP.


The Milan branch with its 2.000-square-meter warehouse, 7 agents, 2 daily supplies and counter sales, entered the Prasco Group in 2021.


Bari's warehouse is now part of Prasco net on the Italian territory.
10.000-square-meters to ensure an exceptional service in south Italy's market.


Boccea Divisione Ricambi becomes part of PRASCOGROUP since January 2023. With 6.000-square-meter warehouse and 1.000-square-meter office, it's a tangibile mark ofthe unstoppable expansion of PRASCOGROUP.


The current warehouse of the company Prasco GmbH, in Unna, near Dortmund, is of 10.000 square meters. This branch was created in order to meet the Group’s need to bring its products as close as possible to northern Europe’s customers.


By opening in 2010 a 6.000-square-meter warehouse in Barcelona and a 4,000-square-meter one in Madrid, as well as further branches in Valencia, in 2016, and Miranda de Ebro, in 2021, the PRASCOGROUP has reached a widespread presence on the Spanish market.


Prasco UK, member of the PRASCOGROUP since 2010, is located in Doncaster.
With its 8.000-square-meter warehouse, it has been cooperating for many years with the largest English insurance companies. 


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  • OE-PFM: Similar to its genuine part, with different details - see item description.